Assignment: Describe what the poem means to you. Discuss the use of metaphor to create analogies in the mind of the listener. How does the impact of this poem change when you hear it as opposed to reading it? Use specific examples from the text.

We Are More - Written by Shane Koyczan

To me, the poem is an antidote to stereotypes that the world has of Canada. However, most of the stereotypes are good, such as politeness and sports excellence. In the poem, the writer says that Canadians are the brightness of Chinatown. I thought that this line was intrusive to Chinese culture, and that the writer was, in effect, claiming Chinatown as Canada's and Canada's idea.

Though I do agree with the writer that there are stereotypes, that line seemed very unfit to be in the poem in my eyes.

The use of metaphor in the poem is very acute. One line states that you shouldn't let your luggage define your travels. Here the writer is saying that you should pick your own way of doing things, and not let others control the way you think. Here the writer is combating the stereotypes of Canada.

Another metaphor in the poem says "We are the 'what' in 'what's new'." Instead of being compared to being new, we define new. Canada is the newest and best country, so says the poem.

The impact of the poem changes when you watch it rather than reading it because the speaker differs the tempo and volume of his voice, making the poem more interesting.

Overall, I thought of this poem as a rather self-centered and personal-gain attempt for the country.It's basically an advertisement to come and spend money in Canada.

How does he "personally gain" from having people spend money in Canada?