The Most Dangerous Game

Short Stories - Literary Devises Title: The Most Dangerous Game

Point of View: 3rd Person, Narrator

Protagonist: Mr. Rainsford

What type of character is the Protagonist?
Mr Rainsford is a little arrogant, and sticks to his own beliefs. He is a dynamic character, as he changes over the course of the story.

Antagonist: General Zaroff

Describe the setting
An island in the Carribean seas, where General Zaroff has made residence to hunt. The mood is very mysterious and suspenseful. Time Period?
Type of Conflict: Man vs. Man, Man vs. Himself

Describe the main conflict:
Mr Rainsford is trying to escape General Zaroff, who has struck a deal with Rainsford. The deal states that if Rainsford can stay alive for three days on the island with General Zaroff chasing him, Zaroff will transport him to the nearest civilised land.

Describe the Climax of the Story: The climax of the story is when Rainsford is running away from General Zaroff, Ivan, his assistant, and his finest pack of hunting dogs. They are chasing him down, but he sets a trap and manages to kill Ivan, escapes the dogs, swims to Zaroff's residence and defeats him. Too much!

How does the Protagonist change over the course of the story?
As Rainsford was on the boat that was taking him overseas, he stated that animals have no feelings, and do not even know they are being hunted. Then, when he was being chased, he realized this was what animals felt when they were being hunted. He develops an understanding for animals.

Describe the relationship between the title and the theme.
The hunter being hunted is the theme of the story, and The Most Dangerous Game relates to this with having a hunter hunt another human, which is the toughest animal to catch.

How does the main conflict help to illustrate the theme?
The fight between Rainsford and Zaroff is extremely one-sided, and Rainsford can only hold on to his wits. The hunter is being hunted, and he is losing the fight of wits and nerve.

How does the climax help to illustrate the theme?
The climax illustrates the theme by sending the message that even a cornered rat will defend itself. Being hunted, it's only choice is to fight back.

Give examples of each of the following literary terms in the story (use quotes):

Simile: " trying to see through a blanket." Pg 25

Metaphor: "...thick, warm blackness." pg 24

Personification: "...muttering and growling of the sea breaking on a rocky shore." Pg 26

Symbol: The sailor called Whitney recalled information about the island, saying it had a bad reputation. This symbolizes that something will happen on that island, sonething none too good.

Foreshadowing (give both elements): The pistol shot was a sign that there is danger on the island, whether it is a murderer or a dangerous animal somebody had to use a gun against.

Irony: Though totally outnumbered, Rainsford managed to pull of a victory against Zaroff, Ivan, and his dogs. The irony is expressed when you think about the circumstances Rainsford was in. While dealing with unfamiliar territory, hazardous plants, animals and environments, he had to fight against two men, one with a gun and superior hunting instincts, and one with a pack of dogs that could catch him in no time.

Imagery: "...blackness of the night." pg 24

Describe the relationships between the class theme and the story.
Throughout the story, Rainsford makes choices on how to best defend himself against his hunter, General Zaroff.

Completion 5/5
Effort 3.5
Content 3.5/5
total 12/15

QUESTIONS: Answer the following questions. /32

1. What is meant by “He lived a year in a minute”?2/2
This is a metaphor for seeming like a long time has passed, when really it's been about a second. Anticipation is a major factor if you want every minute to seem like a year.

2. What is meant by “I am still a beast at bay”? 2/2
It means although the game has ended, Rainsford is still playing. He will not stop until he was truly won.

3. In which sea has Connell set Ship-Trap island? 1/1
The Carribean Sea.

4. How is Zaroff able to finance his life style? 0/2

5. If Rainsford wins the hunt, what does Zaroff promise him? 1/1
Zaroff promises him free passage to a civilized place of Rainsford's choice.

6. What happened to Lazarus? 2/2
Lazarus was Zaroff's best dog, until he chased on of Zaroff's unfortunate victims into Death Swamp. Zaroff issued a warning to Rainsford to stay away from there.

7. Where does Rainsford spend the first night of his hunt? 1/1
Rainsford left a difficult trail to follow, as if to test Zaroff, and spent most o the night up in a tree, right at the end of the trail he had left.

8. How many acres did Zaroff’s father have in the Crimea? 0/1

9. Why does Zarroff suggest Rainsford wear moccasins? 1/1
Moccasins, Zaroff said, leave a tougher trail to follow.

10. What caused Rainsford to believe Zaroff knew he was hiding in the tree? Do you think he was right? Give reasons. 3/3
Rainsford saw Zaroff smile and blow a smoke ring right towards him, and this led him to believe that Zaroff knew he was there. I think he was right in assuming that Zaroff knew he was there, because if Zaroff could follow the extremely difficult trail that he had left, he would certainly not miss him in the tree. Zaroff probably left him because he was impressed with Rainsford's efforts, and decided to let him live awhile longer.

11. How does Zaroff stock his island with “game”? 2/2
Zaroff has rigged lights to point towards a spot that ships will follow, and crash on the rocks, forcing the people aboard to come ashore.

12. What happened to General Zaroff at the end of the story? 2/2
General Zaroff was surprised to find Rainsford in his room, thinking he was dead. Rainsford then kills Zaroff.

13. Inspite of being hurt, Zaroff congratulates Rainsford on his “Malay mancatcher,” why? 2/2
Zaroff believes himself to be extremely adept at hunting, and is surprised and amused that he has been injured by someone so lacking. In this way, he is admitting that he underestimated Rainsford.

14. How do we know Rainsford is an exceptionally fit man? 1/2
Rainsford pulled off many strenuous feats throughout the story, from making traps to running all night to digging a pit in no time flat.

15. Discuss the state of mind of Rainsford before he lands on the island versus that after he meets the General. What is different? (Especially about how he perceives animal feelings.)0/5

16. How does Connell inspire fear without obvious bloodshed/grotesqueness? 0/3
total 20/32