Short Story Presentation

I'm Bruno.
My Short Story is titled Energetic. This story follows the experiments of a certain scientist with the Fountain of Youth's water.

The scientist is named Dr. Brunhild. As the story begins, we see him in a rather painful situation. One of his test tubes has exploded, leaving him with injured hands and a destroyed apartment.

Now, he lives in a normal house, with his wife. It's just that he needs an entire apartment to serve as his laboratory. At the moment, this apartment is a total mess. After cleaning off his hands and bandaging them, he realizes that it's 2 am and decides to head home.

As he drives home, he recalls how he found the Fountain of Youth's water.

When he arrives, his wife asks if he succeeded. He replies that he would be looking a lot happier if he had.

Dr. Brunhild does have a good relationship with his wife, but he was very frustrated at the moment.

After much more experimenting, Dr. Brunhild succeeded in creating the energy source.

Completely forgetting his earlier laments about not letting anyone know about the experiment or energy source, he calls a news station and schedules an interview.

However, the machine he built to house the energy source (which had been tested to work) destroyed itself when it was turned on.

As he drove home, he continually asked himself why it hadn't worked. He would get an answer quickly. He finds that his wife had sabotaged his interview and machine.