Metaphor: A light in a sea of darkness.

Comparison: A conflicted person is finding a ray of hope, after a long time in depression.

The light is hope
The light is happiness
There is always hope, it's just hard to find
Happiness is never far away, it's just that there are obstacles in the way.
one object of hope when there is nothing else
one to help to help see when you can't
one thing to guide you

Metaphor: Authority is a chair, it needs legs to stand up.
Comparison: Authority to a chair
Authority needs support
Authority helps people
Authority would be useless without support.

Metaphor: The pigeons fountained into the air.

Comparison: Pigeons are flying off, as though frightened.
Pigeons are flying off to help people out.

Analogies: Pigeons are frantic
Pigeons symbolize freedom
The great quantity of pigeons symbolize great happiness, flying off in groups to enligten various people.
Metaphor: He kicked the bucket.

Comparison: Death, Ending
Analogies: He died.
He died happy.